Management reserves the right of admission.

Everyone who registers and acceses the camping will be required to acomplish this regulation. In case of breach of any of these standards, management may take the appropriate measures to make them effective, inviting them to leave the camp and will be kicked out if they don’t. The holder will be responsible for all acts that are attributed to him and his companions.

Registration will be formalized at the time of arrival, having to declare all items subject to payment, any furhter change must be communicated immediately to the reception. It is part of this rules any particular provision from Camping publicly exposed.

The customer and all his companions over 16 should take ID (identity card or another country), passport or residence permit.


Only allow entry to those who come with the minimum equipment necessary and want to go camping activity. not permitted under 18 years come alone, or authorization of an elderly person is made responsible for their behavior. Parents or accompanying minors will be responsible for damages or accidents that may be caused during their stay.

The closing time of the barrier and vehicles is from 23:00 Hours to 08:00 hours.

The arrival time will be after 12:00h and check-Out before 12:00h, leaving the pitch in perfect condition, clean and tidy.

Regarding Clamping or bungalows, the arrival will be after 16:00h and check-Out before 12:00h. If expected arrival will be after 9:00 pm, you must book in advance by phone or email.

The payment of the stay will be maid in advance to the campsite reception.


The prices are displayed at the reception. The prices apply in agree with the number of nights. Check out time is 12:00h. Departures after 12:00 will be charged with extra day.

The cancellation of a reservation; if you do not do it 15 days notice, will not give right to any refund.

Resort fee includes parking for one vehicle on camping area.

As for the plots apply the rates for each item: tent, caravan, motorhome, camper van type car, motorcycle and people. If entering the vehicle, this must be parked within the same plot.


All visitors must register at the reception, depositing a Identity card. Must report the number of plot accessed, person and contact number of visitors. The visit must be authorized in advance by family and friends. Depending on the use made of the facilities will apply the rate in force.


The quiet hours are from 24:00 pm to 8:00 am, not allowed the circulation of any vehicle.

The volume of all sound devices must be appropriate not to annoy other campers.


It is forbidden to change location or occupy a place without prior comunication to reception.

The staff will indicate the location to use and give instructions for your correct installation.

The vehicle must be parked within the plot.

It is forbidden to install screens, trenching, tie wire or other materials that harm the trees, even in the case of trees adults. Also it is forbidden to hang clothes, towels or other objects to separation fence or security.

The plot must be clean and in perfect conditions during the stay at the campsite and at the end. Otherwise, the campsite management may apply additional costs of cleaning and repair.


It is forbidden to build fixed structures.


Failure to pay can result in expulsion from the camp, staying as guarantee of payment camper, tent, car or van.

Passed two months will be considered abandoned, so it will be owned by the camping. The camp will be exonerated of any liability for loss or damage later.


The speed limit is 10 km / h. In order not to disturb rest, campers are asked not to use the vehicle at hours of rest prohibiting the movement of any vehicle during the hours of silence from 24:00 to 8:00 pm.


All campers are entitled to a daily ticket, which entitles you to use the city pool, located in the village of Llavorsí when it’s open.


Pets allowed (must be reported at the reception) but must do not bother other campists, and remain within the limits of the plot occupied otherwise they will not be admitted to the camp. It is mandatory to carry pet tied. It is forbidden to leave pets alone in the plot, bungalow and camping without tie them down . For pet needs must take them outside the camp, in case they do their needs within the enclosure, the owner must clean it. Owners of animals are responsible for the damages they may cause and breach these rules will be expelled without the right to refund. Must carry the appropriate health card. In the case of dogs declared potentially dangerous by Law 10/99 of 30 July Generalitat of Catalonia must have the appropriate insurance, and to muzzle your dog. It is forbidden the entry of animals in buildings camping services, laundry …


The management declines all responsibility in case of eventual theft, injury or damage to persons or things of others. Also is no responsible for damage caused by storms, fire or force majeure. Each camper must have an insurance to third parties.


The source of the street is only to be used for drinking water and under no circumstances can be used to wash clothes or dishes. Don not leave hoses connected.

The washers will be used only for washing clothes and dishes and must leave them as clean as possible.


It is mandatory to use the corresponding deposits and these can only be emptied in the place intended for that purpose, located outside the service area.


It is strictly forbidden to use more than one connection to light per plot, unless there is authorization from the management or have hired more than one. If you are cought in a wireless review, fine to apply is € 200.00.


It is strictly forbidden to hang posters on trees or camping facilities.


It is not allowed to use barbecues inside the plot, can only be fired in the BBQ area. Do not throw hot ashes at containers. Do not throw cigarette butts on ground.

Prohibited any ground fire.


Pallars Sobirà collection is performed, by separating its waste and deposited in appropriate containers located in the camping area. There you will find instructions on how to make a proper separation thereof. If you have questions or a waste with no container, ask the support staff of the campsite.

On Containers, you can not throw burning embers and ashes of barbecues. It is forbidden to throw kitchen oil on sinks or drains.

Nor can pour liquid waste and pollutants in the plot.


You must notify reception if you notice any anomaly in the operation of the facilities, and always notice if someone misuses or break the rules of coexistence.


Keep common areas clean. It is prohibited to spread clothes in the toilets and to connect electronic devices that has nothing to do with hygiene, such as a hairdryer, Razor … In other cases apply equivalent to the connection fee electricity.[:]